Guidelines for Acute Care of the Neonate 25th Edition 2017-2018

Guidelines for Acute Care of the Neonate 25th Edition 2017-2018

Guidelines for Acute Care of the Neonate 25th Edition 2017-2018

Guidelines for Acute Care of the Neonate 25th Edition 2017-2018

this year’s edition of Baylor Neonatology Guidelines is historic, not just because it marks the 25th year of publication of this extremely useful resource, but also because this is the first time the Guidelines are not edited by Dr. James Adams, the legendary figure behind these guidelines. Following Dr. Adams’s retirement, this edition has a new set of editors – Dr. Fernandes, Pammi and Katakam – who have worked hard to preserve and enhance the legacy of Dr. Adams, and his tradition of generating practical, up-to-date and evidence-based guidelines that provide bedside clinicians with a ready reference for patient care.

The new editors, section editors, and various authors have labored intensively to preserve relevant material from the guidelines and add new relevant information. They have also incorporated a new method of grading the evidence supporting the guidelines (the GRADE system) and expanded the pool of authors in this edition.
The Baylor Neonatology Guideline book is used extensively in our Newborn Center (including the Mother Baby Unit), and ensures consistency of care when different clinicians care for the same infant over time – an important feature when we have nearly a hundred neonatologists providing care at multiple locations in the Houston area. It has been, and will remain one of the most valuable resources and a distinguishing asset of the Neonatology Section. In addition, it is a resource for practicing neonatologists all over the world. Most importantly, these guidelines ensure that we provide excellent high-quality care to NICU infants and their families and improve their outcomes. As the Service Chief and Section Head of Neonatology, it has been my honor to support the team of editors and authors who have worked hard to bring us this distillation of evidence, experience, and clinical wisdom
  we are pleased to release the 25th annual revision of “Guidelines for the Acute Care of the Neonate”, a compendium that reflects the multidisciplinary collaboration between members of the Newborn Center at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. Previous editions of these guidelines were dedicated to Dr. Arnold J. Rudolph (1918-1993), who taught us the art of neonatology and whose life continues to touch us in innumerable ways.

We dedicate this 25th edition to Dr. James Adams, whose commitment to clinical excellence and teaching made him a well-respected and trusted authority on informing clinicians about the art and science of neonatal care. Dr. Adams was singularly influential in developing the ‘BCM Neo Guidelines’ over the past 24 years from a skinny booklet into a veritable tome of succinct essential information about the care of the sick neonate.The ‘Baylor Neo Guidelines’, as this handbook is fondly referred to, is meant to serve as a resource for neonatology fellows, pediatric housestaff, nurse practitioners, nurses and other clinicians who for sick neonates in Baylor-affiliated hospitals. This body of work is reflective of general principles, concepts, and treatment recommendations that are agreed upon by the authors, editors, and sections members. When appropriate, national guidelines are cited to help with the decision making process. Also, regional traits unique to the southeast Texas or Houston are considered when appropriate. The guidelines are reviewed and revised annually (or more frequently as needed) as new evidence and recommendations for clinical care become available. Users should refer to the most recent edition of these guidelines, which may be downloaded for free from ‘Physician publications’ tab of the Baylor Neonatology website ( With this edition, we have begun qualifying our clinical recommendations using the ‘GRADE’ framework put forward by Guyatt and
colleagues and followed by many national organizations and journals. Our guidelines cite the quality of evidence and the strength of our recommendations whenever possible. Our chapter authors and section editors have worked hard to create the content you see within, and will monitor their areas of clinical interest for emerging evidence that may be of value to the bedside clinician caring for a sick neonate. We look forward to serving you in the coming years.

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