Acute Pediatric Neurology 1st Edition 2014


Acute Pediatric Neurology 1st Edition 2014

Acute Pediatric Neurology 1st Edition 2014

Acute Pediatric Neurology 1st Edition 2014

This book provides recommendations for evaluation and therapy in the area of acute pediatric neurology; these are presented didactically with frequent use of illustrations and algorithms. Chapters in the first part of the book discuss presenting symptoms of acute neurological conditions. The second part of the book covers major areas of acute pediatric neurology and each of these chapters has three key elements: description of presenting symptoms; recommended assessments; and recommended interventions.

Acute Pediatric Neurology provides an accessible, clinically focused guide to assist physicians in the emergency ward or intensive care unit in decisions on diagnosis and therapeutic interventions in all major acute pediatric neurological diseases.

Editorial Reviews


“This book succeeds at providing a succinct and complete guide to the diagnosis and management of acute pediatric neurological presentations. … It is intended for pediatricians, pediatric intensivists, neonatologists, pediatric neurologists, neurologists, and anyone managing acutely ill children with neurological complaints. It also can serve as a reference for physician assistants, medical students, residents, fellows, and attending level providers. … This is an excellent, up-to-date, book on acute pediatric neurology.” (Christopher J. Ford, Doody’s Book Reviews, April, 2014)

“Acute Pediatric Neurology is an enjoyable reading experience and Sejersen and Wang are to be congratulated on their work. … book can readily be recommended to paediatricians and trainees and any other colleagues who see children with acute neurological disorders in settings … . It also serves as a reference book for experienced paediatric neurologists who should all have a need to go back to basics and revive their knowledge on the daily realities of working in acute neurological situations.” (Matti Sillanpää, Acta Pædiatrica, Vol. 103, 2014)

“This book is intended to be a practical guide, covering major pediatric neurological diseases of relevance in the acute settings. … The beauty of this book is all management options are discussed according to underlying pathophysiology. … It is required reading for all doctors and nurse practitioners taking care of children and it is a must-read for pediatricians, pediatric neurologists, pediatric intensivists, and neonatologists.” (Kyaw Linn, European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, Vol. 18, 2014)

“This multi-authored publication edited by Sejersen and Wang has been produced with the aim of filling a gap in the market for a textbook on acute paediatric neurology. … this is a book which would be of value to paediatricians, and would be an asset to the acute children’s department collection.” (Nadine McCrea, European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, Vol. 18, 2014)

“A succinct account is given in this book covering a wide range of pathogens being it bacteria, viruses or even parasites such as plasmodium falciparum. … it is full of rich knowledge and has plenty of wisdom pearls and an abundance of real life pragmatism. For those who would appreciate embarking on a joyful educational and possibly practice-changing … journey, I would urge you to either have this book or recommend it to your librarian as I did!” (Mohamed O. E. Babiker, European Journal of Paediatric Neurology, Vol. 18, 2014)

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